5 Reasons for Chocolate Cravings

When the afternoon doldrums set in, your attention starts to wander, and your tummy begins to rumble, you’re sure to have visions of brownies and cupcakes dancing through your head. People might tell you chocolate cravings are all in your head, but you know the struggle is real.

In truth, it’s not unusual to have food cravings, and yearning for delectable chocolate is among the most common. What is it that makes you gaze longingly into the vending machine every time you pass by on your way to the copy machine? More importantly, what can you do to curb cravings without going buck wild on the monthly company birthday cake.

So why do I have Chocolate Cravings?

When you understand why chocolate cravings occur, you can strategically add Vita Organic Foods to your diet to curb cravings and remain healthy and satisfied every day. Here are just a few reasons why you might feel the urge to reach for chocolate.

1. Chocolate cravings = sugar cravings

Milk chocolate is full of sugar. A plain chocolate bar includes a whopping 24 grams of sugar. For reference, dietary experts recommend adult daily intake of sugar at no more than 25 grams, which means if you have that other chocolate bar, you can forget about sugar in your coffee. Heck, forget about adding milk to your coffee.

The good news is, you have alternatives, like the organic and vegan selections of dark chocolate bars from Vita Organic Foods. A little goes a long way with decadent, dark chocolate, which means just a taste is enough to satisfy your craving for sweets and help you avoid the immense sugar intake associated with milk chocolate bars.

2. Hangry as heck

Scarfing salads at lunch is great for your diet, but by the time two o’clock rolls around, you’re bound to find yourself struggling against serious hunger. You don’t want to slip up and undo your hard work, but when you’re truly hungry, common sense sometimes goes out the window. This is where a few nibbles of a filling Quinoa Crunch or Cashew Sea Salt bar can help to satisfy your cravings and tide you over until you get home to a healthy and balanced dinner.

3. You need that caffeine

Chocolate, in and of itself, doesn’t necessarily contain a lot of caffeine, but the higher the cacao content, the more caffeine you’ll get. When you choose a dark chocolate bar like the Original Cacao bar featuring 72% cacao from Vita Organic Foods, you’ll get the decadent flavor you crave, along with a bit of caffeine to get you through the afternoon. Better yet, select the Goji bar for the extra boost of energy and antioxidants these incredible berries deliver.

4. Magnesium levels are low.

It’s easy for our bodies to suffer depletion of needed electrolytes like magnesium, which we often fail to get enough of from food alone. Without sufficient magnesium, you could suffer muscle cramps and food cravings. Luckily, dark chocolate is a great source of magnesium.

5. High stress and habit.

When stressors have you on edge, your first impulse might be to reach for a sugary snack, and this habit can leave you feeling awful in the long run. If you’re going to give in to stress-induced chocolate cravings, do it in moderation with one of the many delicious organic and vegan options from Vita Organic Foods that will leave you happy and satisfied.


Testimonials of our Happy Customers

  • Kate D. CT

    “Best vegan chocolate I’ve ever had, possibly best chocolate overall!! ❤️❤️”

  • Emilee J. PA

    “Coconut chocolate bar! Thanks so much for making a delicious gluten free and vegan treat!”

  • Jessica W. NJ

    “Goji bites are to die for. The best vegan chocolate I’ve had so far!”


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