Counting Calories: Why We Don’t

Why You Shouldn’t, Either

Simply put, calories are a unit of energy. If you give your body energy, then it should, in theory, keep on keeping on. And most of the time, it does. That’s the problem with counting calories — your body isn’t interested in just quantities of food. It wants and needs nutrient-dense whole foods to really thrive and be at its absolute best.

Quality Over Quantity

For example, 2,000 calories of lean proteins, vegetables, and carbohydrates are going to do a lot more for you than 2,000 calories worth of junk food and soda, but calories don’t show you the difference. Counting calories makes you focus on quantity, but your body is way more interested in the quality of the calories you consume.

Your body can run on sub-par food choices for a while. For some people, that can even be several decades. But eventually, those food choices will catch up with you. We need to pay more attention to the actual substance of our food, not just the numbers attached to it. Vita Organic Foods, in combination with Vita Athletics, helps your body become more efficient at using fat for fuel while using the proper macronutrients—without the fuss of calorie counting.

No More Counting Calories

Once you strip the processed food from your diet and and begin to nourish yourself with real food, you won’t have all the chemicals in your system that mess up your metabolism and hunger signals. Know what that means? You won’t need to count calories to know when you’re hungry or have had enough for the day.

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