Raw Chocolate Is Real (Delicious) Food, No Question About It

If the thought of raw chocolate conjures images of wheatgrass shots and yoga by the lake, we’re here to offer some clarity. Raw cacao, the core ingredient of raw chocolate, isn’t a fad—it’s a food. As the top antioxidant in the world(!), raw cacao also lays claim to having the most zinc, iron, magnesium, and Vitamin B of any food. As with other delicacies, you want to treat it with care, because when you do, delicious raw chocolate is the result. No wheatgrass required.

And now, we’ll take some questions.

“What’s the difference between raw chocolate and dark chocolate?”

The first difference is a matter of processing. Our raw chocolate is crafted at a low temperature, which preserves the inherent goodness of the cacao: all those antioxidants, medicinal compounds, and enzymes. Dark chocolate is a cooked at a higher temperature, which strips it of many of these same benefits.

Dairy is another key difference. While many dark chocolate varieties contain milk products, raw chocolate (like ours!) is completely vegan.

“But I thought dark chocolate was good for you!?”

Dark chocolate isn’t bad. It does contain some antioxidants. Raw chocolate is just better.

“Does raw chocolate have sugar?”

Vita’s raw chocolate recipe is short and (a little) sweet: organic cacao paste, organic cacao butter, and organic coconut palm sugar—a far cry from the refined sugars and preservatives pumped into mass-produced chocolate bars. Raw chocolate is sweet without sending your glycemic levels through the roof.

“What does raw chocolate, you know, taste like?”

Like chocolate! Those medicinal compounds? They don’t make it taste like medicine. Imagine a more concentrated chocolate experience without that lingering “chemical” flavor found in so many commercial brands. Since raw chocolate is produced with so few ingredients, most people find a modest portion totally satisfying. That’s why we have big confidence in our small batches.

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Testimonials of our Happy Customers

  • Kate D. CT

    “Best vegan chocolate I’ve ever had, possibly best chocolate overall!! ❤️❤️”

  • Emilee J. PA

    “Coconut chocolate bar! Thanks so much for making a delicious gluten free and vegan treat!”

  • Jessica W. NJ

    “Goji bites are to die for. The best vegan chocolate I’ve had so far!”


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